Hidden Harvests: the inner seasons of everyday life - CD

Hidden Harvests: the inner seasons of everyday life - CD
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Audio CD. 60 minutes.

Human beings are very good at working hard, preparing, planning, sowing and tending, not so good at bringing in the harvest of all their labors; often refusing to have the patience that a true ripening calls for, or moving on to new initiatives before the one they have worked so hard for has had time to flower. There is also the difficulty that lies in the hidden, unspoken, almost invisible harvests connected with our shadows and our difficulties. Many of us have elements inside us that did not set right in our growing, were confined or nipped in the bud when they should have been coming into full blossom. Whether the harvest is easy to see but requires patience, attention or waiting to bring in, or whether it is hidden and difficult and requires a combination of courage and vulnerability to bring to fruition, bringing in the harvest is one of the great accomplishments of a human life.

1. The hidden harvest
2. Drinking from a different well
3. A simple way in the world
4. Asking the beautiful question
5. What is hidden inside us
6. The one we will become is a stranger
7. A prayer for safe arrival

Includes poems The House of Belonging, The Journey, Sometimes, Tobar Phadraic, Refuge and Santiago.