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Compass Points: Setting Direction for A Future Life
Courage & Vulnerability - 2CD set
Half a Shade Braver: The Foundations of Conversational Leadership
The essence of leadership is visibility, our willingness to be seen, to be vulnerable, and to risk ourselves. To step into a leadership role is to hazard ourselves in the world, both for others and for something we can't fully articulate.
Hidden Harvests: the inner seasons of everyday life - CD
Solace: The Art of Asking the Beautiful Question - 2CD set
David Whyte looks at the fruitful discipline of finding and asking ever keener and more beautiful questions throughout our lives.
A Great Invitation: The Path of Risk and Revelation - 2CD set
David looks at the invitation inherent in any human life to winnow through surface concerns and discover the deeper questions.
Five Forms of Female Courage - 2 CD set
Women hold a particular form of conversation with the world, and pass through unique thresholds of courage along the way. In this talk, given as a benefit for the organization Young Women Empowered, David looks at five of these crucial thresholds, including different forms of beauty and learning to say no. December 2012.
When the Heart Breaks - 2 CD set
If you never knew disappointment, would you ever grow? If you had never felt loss, could you have compassion for another? Without real heartache, would you ever know the greatness of love?
Pilgrim Audio Companion - 2 CD set
On the audio companion to his most recent work, Pilgrim, David Whyte reads a selection of 23 poems and gives his thoughts on the chapter themes of Pilgrim, Camino, Companion, The West, Looking Back and Postscript. June 2012.
Sometimes (Poetry & Music Album)

New poetry and music album with Jeff Rona.

With a poignant blessing to a young daughter and an admonition to begin each journey with the ground beneath our feet, Sometimes is a moving invitation to participate more fully in the deep current of existence.

Return (Poetry & Music Album)

On Return, David Whyte recites poems to the haunting musical compositions of renowned film score writer Jeff Rona.
What to Remember When Waking (6 CDs)

When you think about personal transformation, do you have a picture of who you want to become? Many of us unconsciously create an idealized image of our “awakened” selves—and in doing so, we undermine both the work and reward of genuine transformation.
The Echo in the Well: Secret Voices from the West of Ireland

On this 2 CD set, David Whyte recites new poems from the cycle of Irish poems contained in his latest work, River Flow: New & Selected Poems, and uses the language of poetry to illuminate the secret voices that are present in everyday life.
Sweet Darkness: The Invisible Foundations of a Human Life

In each of us, there lives an inner, symmetrical image that attempts to hold our outer experiences in a larger context, making room for revelation. In the poetic tradition, the metaphor for this hidden image is darkness, and in every human life there comes a time when we are asked to have faith in what it can reveal to us.
Clear Mind Wild Heart: Finding Courage & Clarity Through Poetry (6 CDs)

David guides us into the wellspring of the poetic imagination through more than six hours of exploration and poetry, including the verses of such inspired voices as Emily Dickinson, William Blake, Marina Tsvetayeva, Rainer Maria Rilke, Antonio Machado, and many others.
Midlife and the Great Unknown: Finding Courage and Clarity Through Poetry

The language of poetry can emanciapte you into the next phase of your existence, helping you break through obstacles and giving you courage.On Midlife and the Great Unknown, you engage with poetic imagination as it was meant to be experienced: as your companion and guide for the challenging terrain of midlife.
Thresholds: Navigating the Difficult Transitions of Life

Using poetry from his fifth volume, Everything is Waiting for You, David talks about the difficult transitions that are part of every human life, when we are orphaned from the homes we have carefully constructed and must inhabit the world in a new way.
The Poetry of Self Compassion

Compassion is a form of faith; a faith in the way each of us is made for this world. Innocence is the ability to look at that world with fresh eyes. In this talk, we look at innocence as a faculty of exploration and a source of courage, compassion and self knowledge.
Life at the Frontier: Leadership Through Courageous ConversationA Change for the Better: Poetry & the Reimagination of Midlife

An increasing sense of vulnerability is a key experience of midlife; a vulnerability not to be turned from, but inhabited.
The Teacher's Vocation

Why educating children is not simply about preparing them to succeed in a career, or make their car payment
Making a Friend of the Unknown

David speaks of entering the unknown in our lives - the people, places, communities and events wherever we make our home in the world.
The Opening of Eyes

What does it mean to be fully present? In this talk, we are reminded of how transformative it is to pay real attention to this remarkable world we inhabit.
The Power & Place of Poetry - Irish Radio Interview

Mary Curtin, of Radio Telefis Eirann, offers a thoughtful interview with David. Drawn by her questions, he speaks persuasively to the role of poet and poetry in the life of individuals and society.